Give A Corporate Gift Today: Here's Why

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Give A Corporate Gift Today: Here's Why

Corporate gifting has been practiced for around decades, and it has been established as an important part of business culture. Since 2004, Young Generation Pte Ltd has been addressing the needs of providing customised corporate gifts for clients, employees, and stakeholders - as a way of showing appreciation, building relationships, and brand promotion.

Giving A Corporate Gift: The Benefits

Corporate gifts can range from simple tokens of appreciation, such as personalized pens like our '2 in 1 Metal Stylus Pen', an elegant, multi-functional pen that has the added benefit of a stylus tip that instantly expands your note-taking session from the notebook to your digital devices! Or our crowd favourite, the 'Metal Ball Pen', a reliable and presentable smooth writer, that is appropriate for business, academic or casual settings alike - all these accompanied with the 'A5 Notebook with Rubber Strap', to more extra items like luxury hampers and vacations. Regardless of the gift, the gesture conveys the message that the recipient is valued and appreciated.

Corporate gifting can also be used to show support for causes that are important to the company and its stakeholders. For example, a company that is committed to sustainability may gift eco-friendly products to encourage employees to opt for takeaway options for their lunches with these 'Wheat Lunch Boxes' instead of plastic takeaway boxes, while a company that supports the arts may gift tickets to a cultural event.

However, the act of corporate gifting is not without its challenges. There are two things to consider when gifting:

Preferences and Interests

Have a holistic understanding of your customers profile, their likes and dislikes. A well-chosen gift can greatly build a positive relationship with your customers and set you apart from your competitors.


The gifts should align with the company’s image and strategies and reflect their individual values. In some cases, there are risks of perceived impropriety, particularly when it comes to government officials or clients in sensitive industries. To address these concerns, take note of internal policies and guidelines when it comes to corporate gifting which may include budget ranges, list of acceptable gifts and the relevant transparent and ethical selection processes.


Let Us Help With Your Selection of Corporate Gifts!

Since Corporate Gifting provides significant benefits for your brand or organisation and recipients, why not start today with Young Generation Pte Ltd in your selection of corporate gifts? As a long-time, reliable corporate gift supplier in Singapore; backed by our expertise and customer commitment, we aim to provide you the ideal gift with a wide variety of products tailored to your gift purpose, budget and needs, to show your appreciation to your customers and leave a lasting impression.