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Face Masks – Wireless Charger

In order to battle the current outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) which continues to develop, we are now offering the below : -

Distributed by Young Generation
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Disposable 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask

> BFE 98%

CE certified
Packaging : 50 pcs/box

Product Performance : 
It is a Soft, Comfortable, Odourless, Tasteless and Has Strong Absorption. It is in Line with the Face Sealing Design, and effectively Block the invasion of Bacteria, Dust, Droplets and other Slightly Harmful Substances.

Product Technology :
It adopts Ultra-Fine Non-Woven Filter Layer, Clean Workshop and German Technology. Which is Compounded by Ultrasonic. It can Effectively Filter Harmful Substances and make Breathing Healthier.

Reusable Face Mask > BFE 99 %
Following Standard Safety and Reliable Effectiveness. Heat-Resistant, Wash-Resistant, Light Resistant. Can be washed multiple times to keep clean and safe. Long Lasting, breathable and cooling. Some reusable face masks that comes along with PM2.5 Filter for added safety and cleanliness. Suitable for adults and children. 

Supplier of Reusable Masks that is safe, effective and recognised with AAA level Standard. Even after Multiple Washes, masks are still able to keep bacterial levels very low, thus giving you assurance when using. Reusable Mask Supplier , Wholesaler and Customised Masks can be found here.