Eco Friendly Products

Eco Friendly Products

Let’s GO GREEN with Cutlery

When we think about “Going Green” here , we are referring to cutlery that is reusable and not of one single use.

For some of us with a busy lifestyle , it is common for us to buy takeaways  , especially like drinks and small –bite snacks to even a proper meal .

Do we bring our own cutlery in our bags wherever we go? 

It might sound inconvenient or even daunting to many of us who expects to be served whenever we dine out . Imagine if we carry this recyclable container or utensils with us in our bags and for our own use when we are out? It does means a lot to the UNIVERSE!

First and foremost, we helped in reducing waste. For if your cutlery are disposable, u add to the garbage that needs to be handled later on. Rubbish and waste can cause air and water pollution. Rotting garbage is also known to produce harmful gases that mix with the air and can cause breathing problems in people, this is the most important reason for proper waste management and why we can do our part in minimizing waste.

Another good reason for Bringing Our Own (#BYO) is also great in the sense that u don’t need to worry about the hygiene level of the cutlery provided.  The eatery also will have less dishes to wash and can reduce cost by hiring lesser manpower or better deployment of the dishwasher in his organization.

It sure does take effort. When we think “Effort = Love” then it means that everyone of us can do our part in loving this world a little bit more by this little extra effort. So, if  you are ready to show your LOVE to the world, check this out for our recommendations of useful and portable utensils that we have selected for you