Top 10 Corporate Gift ideas for Employees

Top 10 Corporate Gift ideas for Employees

Approaching the last quarter of the year, many Human Resource Managers and Bosses will be planning year -end appraisals for their staffs . Some companies maybe looking into D&D as a form of appreciation. You may think giving a raise or bonus will make them happy! Yes .. but not quite.. Most people want a raise and a bonus. The former is not seen as a GIFT and if the bonus is tied to performance, it’'s part of their remuneration package.

Generally we are spending time at work than with our family members . When sometimes words are not enough to express our feelings, here are some ideas of what we think Employees will love from their Company.

Surely, an employee who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

So what would make your investment goes a long way, apart from planning a big year -end party will be …. A well-thought of Token of Appreciation . Here’s our recommendation.

  1. Computer Backpack
  2. Mugs/ Tumblers
  3. Powerbank
  4. Air Diffuser
  5. Bluetooth Speaker
  6. Smart watches
  7. Crystal Award
  8. Travel Essentials ( Foldable Bag, Passport Holder, RFID holder, TSA lock, Luggage cover)
  9. Cabin Bag
  10. Waterproof Bag


By: Mary Lin