1 Layer Bento Lunch Box 1000ML

1 Layer Bento Lunch Box 1000ML

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1 Layer Bento Lunch Box 1000ML 

1000ML 1 Layer

If you're looking for a stylish, compact and convenient lunch solution, then look no further than our Bento Lunchbox!

This BPA free lunchbox is perfect for taking your favourite meals on the go. It comes with its own cutlery set so you can enjoy your meal wherever you are.

The lunchbox is also great for leftovers or takeaways. No more need for single use plastic containers, our Bento Lunchbox is reusable and will help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Available in a range of colours to suit your style, our Bento Lunchbox is the perfect way to enjoy healthy, delicious and sustainable meals on the go!

Size :19.5cm x 11.5cm x 6.2cm

Item no: HW 1023