10000mah Aluminum Smart Powerbank

10000mah Aluminum Smart Powerbank

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10000mah Aluminum Smart Powerbank

First, the product parameters: 

1. Input / output voltage: 5V 2A 
2. Input / output current: 5V 2.1A 
3. Cell: polymer batteries 
4. Can cycle the number of times: ≥ 500 times 
5. Suitable operating temperature: 10 ℃ - + 45 ℃ 
6. Charging time: 9-10 hours 
7. Size: 136 * 66 * 12mm 
8. Color: black, gray, gold, rose gold, red


1. comes with Apple and Andrews charging cable, and a separate USB output interface, which can charge 3 mobile phones at the same time 
2. Small size, the edge of thin to 12mm, easy to carry 
3. Shake shake the power 
4. Automatic sleep, non-working The state automatically sleep, to prevent power loss
5. A machine can be more compatible with 99% of the market with USB charging equipment, such as a variety of mobile phones, IPOD, MP3, MP4, IPHONE, GPS, Bluetooth, digital cameras.

Colour : Black, Grey, Rose Gold, Gold, Red

Item No : PB 1101