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When it comes to fitness and cycling, protecting your personal items is important. Fortunately, there is a high-quality solution that offers good protection while still being highly flexible and easy to use: the armband.

This pouch can be attached directly to your arms or clothing and is designed to hold everything from small essentials like cell phones and keys, to larger items like cash or cards. And unlike other fitness accessories, this armband prevents water damage by being water resistant and shockproof, making it safe even in wet or arduous conditions. So whether you're hitting the track or going for a long ride in the great outdoors, this versatile armband makes sure you have all your essential items with you at all times.

  • Self-charging LED sport armband
  • No battery
  • LED lights when you move with arm
  • Lycra fabric
  • Reflective stripe transparent TPU voltage craft

    Item No : AB 1003