Bluetooth Earpiece

Bluetooth Earpiece

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Bluetooth Earpiece

Transmission Distance : Outdoor straight line distance 10-18 meters

Battery capacity : Polymer lithium battery 45mah

Charging box battery capacity : 350mah

Listening to music time : 1.5 hours Up and down music/pause playback Talk time: 2 hours Standby time : 100 hours

Charging time : 1-2 hours

Working current : 22MA standby current : 4uA

Bluetooth class---Bluetooth level : class2 and class3

Frequency band---band/band : 2.4—2.485GHz

Modulation process---modulation process : GFSK

Max. transmitter power---maximum transmit power : +2DBm

Pairing method : long press the blue light flashing is the normal pairing mode, do not release after booting, continue to press for three seconds to the blue light fast. Blinks, at this time the tone is paring, and then enters the binaural pairing state. After the binaural pairing is successful, the blue light flashes slowly.

Beep : Power On Tip : POWER ON Shutdown Tip : power off

Pairing status prompt : paring connection prompt : you device is connect

Disconnected prompt : you device is disconnect Low power prompt : battery low

Button function : long press to power on, long press to turn off, click music pause / play / call answer / hang up the phone, double click the next song.

Charging instructions: 

Headphone charging indicator : The headphone charging red light is on, and the red light is off when the battery is full.

Charging box charging instructions:

1. When the charging box is charging the earphone: the green LED light on the charging box flashes, and the green LED light goes out after the earphone is full.

2. When charging the charging box: The green LED on the charging box flashes, and the green LED lights up when the charging box is full.

Product net weight : 41g

Gross weight : 90g

Earpiece Size : 18mm (W) x 47mm (H)

Box Size : 54.5mm (W) x 67.4mm (H) 

Colour : Black, White

Item No : SP 1090