Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug

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Ceramic Mug

Easy to wash and keep clean. The glazed surface is bright and delicate. It is easy to wash after being stained. 

Good thermal stability and slow heat transfer. Has the property of not easy to burst when subjected to rapid quenching changes with a certain temperature difference.

chemical stability and durability. With a certain ability to resist acid, alkali, salt and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is not easy to react with these substances and not to rust and age.

there are few pores and the water absorption rate is very low. The use of daily-use porcelain to store food and tightly seal the mouth can prevent evaporation, infiltration and external bacteria in the food.  

The colourful glaze decoration, especially the high-temperature glaze and no lead, cadmium and other toxic elements such as paper flowers and other toxic hazards, can be boldly used, very popular. 

Material : Reinforced Porcelain

Size : 11.5cm x 8cm x 10cm

Item No : CM 1031