Korin Anti-theft Backpack

Korin Anti-theft Backpack

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How this product was born   

At K, we start with consumer research to develop products that people want and need. We are always working to provide the most intimate and comfortable experience for people to use in their everyday life.  

When travel and commerce are a part of your daily life, you may concern yourself with someone stealing your belongings, your phone running out of juice, or forgetting where you put certain must-have items within your bag. Our team has also had these experiences, and we spent an entire year to study the way people travel. We designed the ClickPack Anti-theft Backpack as a result to combine “security, storage, convenience, comfort and beauty. We would like to use the crowdfunding platform to share this amazing innovation so that more people can enjoy the pleasure of travel and a better lifestyle.

  • TSA Certificated password lock
  • YKK Explosion proof zipper
  • Easy-access bag
  • External USB Charge
  • Retractable wire lock
  • Internal modular storage system
  • Hidden extended storage bag

Fabric : Polyester

Lining : Knitted fabric

Size : 46cm x 34cm x 16cm

Weight : 1289g

Capacity : 17.3L

Color : Black, Gray

Item No : KS 3148