Electronic Luggage Scale

Electronic Luggage Scale

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Electronic Luggage Scale

A revolutionary digital luggage scale, designed to provide utmost convenience during your travels. Its LED Backlight Display ensures optimal readability, even in dimly lit environments, while the 'Data Lock' feature makes it effortless to read the measurements accurately. This multifunctional scale allows you to effortlessly convert between various measurement units, including grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds. With an impressive capacity to measure up to 50kg, this compact and portable scale is an essential travel companion for avoiding excess baggage fees and maintaining a stress-free journey. Upgrade your travel experience with our reliable and user-friendly luggage scale today.

Features :

  • LED Backlight Display
  • Data Lock Feature
  • Measures up to 50kg
  • Measurement Units: g, kg, oz and lb

Size : 14cm x 3.4cm x 4cm

Colours : Black, Blue, Gold, Red and Silver

Weight : 95g

Item No : TR 1013