FLASHMOB I/Flash Drive/Thumb Drive

FLASHMOB I/Flash Drive/Thumb Drive

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USB On-The-Go! FLASHMOB I can be used as a regular USB flash drive but can also be connected to other usb devices like a digital audio player or mobile phone. This product can be used to allow for example a mobile phone to act as host and read its contents, like images or music files, but then act as a flash drive when plugged into a computer to read or transfer the data directly. FLASHMOB I is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note, N7100, Galaxy Nexus, I, I9100, I9103, I9108, Moto Xoom, Nokia N8, E7 ect. The latest innovation is USB flash drives!

Material : Plastic, Aluminum

Product Size : 7.15 x 2.0 x 1.07 cm

Carton Measurements : 49 x 37 x 12.5 cm

Carton Weight : 12.5kg

Print Size : 25 x 13mm

Color : Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Ice Blue

Item No : FD 2125