Mobile Phone Holder POP Balloon Grip

Mobile Phone Holder POP Balloon Grip

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Mobile phone holder POP Balloon

It can be folded, pulled, and bent. Suitable for all mobile phones and iPAD. The balloon holder is stylishly designed for high-strength use when used. When it is time to pull out the airbag, when it is not in use, fold the airbag and do not take up space! Super material, feel. Fine, adhesive can be reused, leaving no glue residue! It's more convenient to use together and more exciting. You can explore more ways to play!

  • Removable viscose can be used repeatedly, and can be removed and re-posted. If it is dirty, it can be washed and dried and used again. 
  • Mobile phones, tablet computers and other similar digital devices and products are available. 
  • telescopic operation is convenient, one-step, simple and convenient; 
  • exclusive removable viscose, environmentally friendly and practical, without leaving adhesive residue; 
  • drop, anti-theft, anti-robbery; 
  • hand -held anti- drop buckle, the table can be Make a support frame, easy to watch a variety of video; 
  • small and portable, does not take up space, easy to carry
  • can be customized corporate LOGO or pattern for the brand image promotion effect is remarkable!

Item No : MA 1108