Mosquito Killer / Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Killer / Mosquito Trap

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Mosquito Killer / Mosquito Trap

The power plug into a power outlet, turn on power switch can be used. When not cut off the power, the power plug can be pulled out. Before cleaning up mosquito storage room, you should unplug the power cord, and then remove the storage room mosquitoes, clearing out the indoor slag material, reload rotation tighten. Used at home, as long as the timing of the mosquito in a few hours before bedtime conducted, and so to bed, the mosquito has been largely cleared, can be switched off or moved to another room. If more indoor furniture, mosquito hiding sent the difference in time mosquito it may take a little longer.

Use the machine in pitch dark

Must switch off all the lights before use

Just plug and use this machine

Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations

Item No : H 1022