Self-timer Stick

Self-timer Stick

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1. portability

The product uses a new type of material, light but unusually strong, but also with a moderate size, with a stylish appearance bag, specifically for admission, in carrying the bag, it only slightly larger than the glasses box space. Lightweight design will never be a burden for travel.

2. personalized

Ergonomic design, 5 different colors, and even according to preferences for the coax to wear different stickers coat, etc., take full account of the pursuit of young fashion crowd and taste.

3. easy to operate

The entire operation only need to plug the line into the phone headphone jack, you can take pictures, connect only 1 second.

  • No need to link Bluetooth-3.5M audio camera
  • No charge (Bluetooth self-timer lever in the use of the need to carry a charging line, and battery life is limited, long journey is likely because no electricity affect your beauty of the self-timer).
  • If you can not use, please download the camera 360 (camera 360), iphone ios5.01 or later, without downloading the software, directly to the line Insert the phone audio port, you can control the camera camera camera, the market's most simple self-timer.
  • With the trunking tube does not shift, do not shake the anti-shake clear camera, pipe thickness in line with the principle of leverage, the use of up to 3 hours a day do not feel tired, (the market most of the line with self-timer pole, , Nor is the slot tube, easy to take pictures when the phone moves, or even damage the phone).
  • Flexible button, beautiful design, consistent with the aesthetic principle, carry, lightweight and flexible, practical, but also for high or low special camera.
  • Cost-effective, quality and price advantage is much greater than his home.

Material : ABS

Size : 18.5cm x 4.5cm

Weight : 178g

Colour : Pink, Gold, Green, Blue, Grey

Item No : CAM 1003