Square Bamboo 4-in-1 Charging Cable

Square Bamboo 4-in-1 Charging Cable

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Square Bamboo 4-in-1 Charging Cable

Introducing our eco-friendly Square Bamboo 4-in-1 Charging Cable! With Lightning, Micro USB, and Type-C interfaces, this convenient cable guarantees fast charging and maximum output power of 60w. Crafted from sustainable Bamboo material, it includes a hanging strap for easy portability and convenient storage. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability in this must-have charging cable.

Features :

  • Multiple interfaces: Lightning Cable, Micro USB, Type-C 
  • Comes with a hanging strap for portability and accessibility 
  • Convenient storage
  • Fast Charging

Wire Length: 0.5-1m

Maximum Output Power: 60w

Item No : MA 1223