STTOKE Lite 12Oz

STTOKE Lite 12Oz

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STTOKE Lite 12Oz 

Colour: Angel White, Luxe Black

This cup is NOT for beverages above 90°C

  • Keep the slider open for liquids above 75°C to release pressure from hot beverages.
  • Be cautious when taking your first sip. Liquids are usually hotter than expected.
  • Do not microwave
  • Do not fill the product above the MAX indicator shown within.
  • Keep the product in upright position at all times. Open the lid with the cup right away from the face in case of the release of pressure.

Handle with Care

Do not leave LUXE BLACK in a bag with keys or sharp items. For extra protection, consider a STTOKE pouch.

Item No: RC 1003