Suede Drawstring Pouch

Suede Drawstring Pouch

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Suede Drawstring Pouch

Introducing our stylish and versatile Suede Drawstring Pouch, the perfect solution for carrying your belongings with ease and convenience. This reusable pouch is not only roomy and spacious but also elegant and unique, making it a must-have accessory.

Customize your pouch with embossed logos or icons on the PU Leather strap charm for a personalized touch. The dimensions and colour of the pouch are fully customizable to match your brand or specific needs.

Ideal for everyday use or special occasions, this drawstring pouch is a standout accessory that combines fashion and functionality seamlessly. Upgrade your accessory game with our Suede Drawstring Pouch today!

Dimensions: Customizable

Colour: Customizable to your brand or needs.

Item No: DSTB 1055