Travel Adaptor with 2 Hubs

Travel Adaptor with 2 Hubs

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1. Adapter can be used over more than 150 countries in the world;

2. Applicable scope:This product is used for different national standard plug socket conversion, Applicable to PDA, digital cameras, chargers, CD players, notebook computers, scraper and other small and medium power digital appliances.

3. product advantages :

a. This product is exquisite, beautiful, Powerful, set multi-national standard plug in one socket. In any part of the world can easily connect to your electronic products, to achieve a true sense of the global pass.

b. Pin part: It has 4plugs in one.“UK plug(Three flat pins), EU plug), US plug), AUS plugs”.

c. AC: multi socket for global use

d. USB output 2100mA, 5V, could charge iPad, iPhone, MP3,etc

4. Material: use imported PC fire retardant material, nickel brass make good conduction and long lifetime

Item No : TA 1033