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Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  • Using the top international - British Bluetooth chip brand CSR, focusing on Bluetooth compatibility and audio quality; 
  • Support for high-definition music playback, GPS voice broadcast and other audio applications. 
  • Smart multi-point connection, while connecting two Bluetooth devices, business entertainment is correct
  • CVC4.0 intelligent noise reduction technology, effectively clear a lot of echo and noise, clear and bright call.
  • Supports Chinese voice calls for incoming calls, voice report numbers, and last number redials. 
  • Long battery life, speed charging. 
  • Stereo sound quality, perfect sound.
  • Listening to music, talking on the phone, watching videos, switching songs up and down, adjusting the volume, suspending playback, answering calls, etc.

Transmission : 10m

Colour : Black, Blue, White, Gold, Silver

Item No : SP 1080